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Imagine of Photo make a mask and select image marge the mask.


How to

① button tap to pop up dialog select either import or export.

iOSシミュレータのスクリーンショット Sep 2, 2012 11.11.01 AMiOSシミュレータのスクリーンショット Sep 2, 2012 11.11.20 AM


If you select import image for camera roll appeared. You select image for camera roll.

  • Big size image resize for application
  • Load image copy to application. original image do not change.

Cut for the mask

Load image appeared application and the mask on load image with black circle. You handle load image and black circle. circle area is select area. Now tap clip button cut for the mask.

iOSシミュレータのスクリーンショット Sep 2, 2012 11.11.01 AM

Handle Load image and circle

Single finger drug to circle. Two finger drug to load image. Pinch operate change for circle size. Double tap screen to appear slider bar. Change slider value to change load image size.


You created the mask then export for tap upper left button and pop up dialog select to export image button. Next, you change slider value to change the background color. This color is the mask color. Export button tapped when merge image save to cameraroll. Check alert “saved” when save image complete.

iOSシミュレータのスクリーンショット Sep 2, 2012 11.12.08 AM

Imagine of Photo for next

Imagine of Photo should have fix of few problem. And i’ll try to something feature.


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